Our Covenant

Circle of Peace

  • Is a grassroots, worldwide initiative of individuals representing a diversity of beliefs. Circle of Peace provides a unifying platform for people of many faiths who aspire to a more peaceful world. Circle of Peace brings together people across religious, ethnic, and cultural divides to strengthen the common bond of humanity

Circle of Peace is working to:

  • Enhance greater understanding and mutual respect among all faiths by embracing peace as a foundation of our actions
  • Encourage honest and respectful dialogue within our own and among other communities of faith
  • Resist the temptation of prejudicial judgment that undermines respect and stifles dialogue, especially in the face of local and global events that may test our resolve to strive for peace
  • Provide information about each faith community and serving as a forum for enhancing interaction that highlights the commonality of all people
  • Develop a repository of information, providing opportunity for interfaith discussions, and addressing critical issues in a supportive environment

Circle of Peace

  • Is committed to strengthening the bonds of humanity, compassion, and unity among all people
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