Connivance by Silence

How the Majority’s Failure to Challenge Politically Motivated [Mis]interpretation of Qur’an Empowered Radicals to Propagate Extremism

Connivance by Silenc

by Arif Humayun


A social and secular evil that implanted the roots of fear deep in the hearts of the people, terrorism is one of the most atrocious reality the world is dealing with.

The September 11, 2001 attacks, the suicide bombings in Pakistan, and the recurring social destructions people hear everyday through the media, are only few of the despicable acts that spur fear and horror.

But, why are these things happening and what is the root of these wickedness?

In his new book titled Connivance by Silence, author Arif Humayun probes and discloses one of the important root causes to these malevolence.

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