Response to malicious mail designed to create hate

The hate mail (Suha Saleem hate mail), which is clearly meant to spread hatred about Islam, was received by several Circle of Peace members. It contains the translation of 24 Qur’anic verses (dubbed killing verses in the email). Included in this email was the Arabic script of the verses and gory pictures for added authenticity. (The Arabic script and the pictures are not posted here.)  This is a blatant example of spreading hate through disinformation.  The source of this translation is questionable.  That is why facts, awareness of the issues, and education, are important criteria for understanding the issues.  Interestingly, of the 6,236 verses in the Qur’an, this person could pick only 24 or about 0.38% as objectionable.

Circle of Peace decided to contextualize the same verses with the proper translation and some background explanation.  Our response (Suha Saleem Hate mail response) provides the correct meaning of the verses in their proper context.  Please use this as reference to refute such disinformation.

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